BIN Aqua by Zinsser.

BIN Aqua by Zinsser.

Positive Attributes of BIN Aqua by Zinsser


BIN Aqua by Zinsser is a high-performance water-based primer and sealer that is ideal for a wide variety of surfaces. It is made with a synthetic shellac base that provides excellent adhesion, stain blocking, and sealing properties. BIN Aqua is also low-VOC and fast-drying, making it a convenient and user-friendly product.

Positive Attributes

Here are some of the positive attributes of BIN Aqua:

  • Water-based: BIN Aqua is a water-based primer and sealer, which means that it is easy to clean up and does not emit strong fumes.
  • Low-VOC: BIN Aqua is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which makes it safer for indoor use.
  • Fast-drying: BIN Aqua dries quickly, so you can start painting sooner.
  • Excellent adhesion: BIN Aqua adheres well to a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, masonry, and plastic.
  • Stain blocking: BIN Aqua blocks stains from water, smoke, nicotine, and grease.
  • Sealing: BIN Aqua seals porous surfaces and prevents bleed-through.
  • Durable: BIN Aqua provides a durable finish that is resistant to mildew and chipping.


BIN Aqua is a versatile primer and sealer that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Wood: BIN Aqua is ideal for priming and sealing wood surfaces, such as cabinets, furniture, and trim. It helps to prevent bleed-through from knots and tannins, and it provides a smooth surface for painting.
  • Metal: BIN Aqua can be used to prime and seal metal surfaces, such as metal doors, railings, and pipes. It helps to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Masonry: BIN Aqua can be used to prime and seal masonry surfaces, such as concrete, brick, and stucco. It helps to seal pores and prevent water damage.
  • Plastic: BIN Aqua can be used to prime and seal plastic surfaces, such as PVC and ABS. It helps to improve adhesion and prevent chipping.


BIN Aqua can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Priming new and painted surfaces: BIN Aqua is an excellent primer for new and painted surfaces. It helps to create a strong bond between the paint and the surface, and it provides a smooth, even finish.
  • Sealing porous surfaces: BIN Aqua can be used to seal porous surfaces, such as wood, concrete, and brick. This helps to prevent water damage and other problems.
  • Blocking stains: BIN Aqua can be used to block stains from water, smoke, nicotine, and grease. This is ideal for painting over stained surfaces.
  • Covering up imperfections: BIN Aqua can be used to cover up imperfections in walls and ceilings, such as nail holes, cracks, and blemishes.


BIN Aqua by Zinsser is a high-performance water-based primer and sealer that is ideal for a wide variety of surfaces. It is easy to use, fast-drying, and durable. BIN Aqua is also low-VOC and safe for indoor use.

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Tester pots against Breast Cancer.

Tester pots against Breast Cancer.

We’re helping Little Greene through October with these smart “Tester pots against Breast Cancer” pin badges, with all proceeds from each sale going straight to their chosen charities. 

Little Greene have supported Breast Cancer awareness every year for the last twelve years, raising well over £160,000 for Breast Cancer Charities around the country.

All through October they’ll kindly donate proceeds from every tin of paint and roll of wallpaper bought.
This year, they’ve partnered with a selection of small charities across the UK, each with a focus on providing invaluable emotional support to those undergoing breast cancer treatment.

At a time when people are struggling economically and emotionally, your donations will provide some personal support to help individuals and their families through a difficult time.

Little Greene have pledged a minimum donation of £20,000 collectively to the four charities over Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but we hope that with our continued help they can raise a lot more.

“Tester pots against Breast Cancer” pin badges are available in-store with the £2.50 per badge going straight Little Greenes chosen charities.

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Dead flat .

Dead flat .

The technology experts at Farrow & Ball have re-engineered Dead Flat. With a breakthrough in paint chemistry they’ve been able to deliver the celebrated deep richness of colour combined with an incredibly durable paint. Their easy-to-use formulation can be painted onto walls, woodwork and metal.

Fantastic if you’re wanting to colour drench a room! Colour drenching is growing in popularity, amongst interior designers and DIY/home decorators alike. Farrow & Ball’s Dead Flat allows you to paint the same colour with the same finish, from your ceilings right down to your skirting boards.

Dead Flat gives you the option of Farrow & Ball’s depth of colour of their signature Estate emulsion, with the durability of Modern emulsion. Also carrying a Class1 scrub rating, means you can physically scrub marks from the paint without lifting the colour. Perfect for a home with young children, pets or both. It’s also ideal heavy traffic areas like halls/stairs/landings, boot and utility rooms.

A little bit of history of Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball originally developed Dead flat over 70 years ago, recreating the 18th century ‘flatted lead’ paint effect. This traditional method involved teams of artisans painstakingly layering coats of paint. Creating a deep, rich and pigmented matt look. This was usually reserved for the formal reception rooms of a house.”

Tom Helme made a chance discovery of a tin of Dead Flat by Farrow & Ball in the early 90s, this was a pivotal moment in creating the Farrow & Ball we know today. Tom as impressed by the simplicity, quality and depth of colour of the paint. He sought out the manufacturing company and together they bought it, setting the brand on its current direction!”

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Watching water based paint (quick) dry.

Watching water based paint (quick) dry.

Whilst waiting for water based paints like Johnstone’s Aqua Guard, Aqua Satin and MSP’s such as Bradite One Can or Zinsser’s All Coat to dry. You can leave the bristles of the brush fully submerged in the paint, this will keep the paint from drying on the brush which could possibly spoil the final finish coat.

Did you also know? You don’t need to wash out your rollers and paint trays at the end of the day! 
If you’ve run out of time, but still haven’t finished using our Covaplus or Acrylic durable matt on your walls or ceilings. Although they’re quick drying and water based, you can wrap the rollers/trays in a plastic bag to slow down the drying process.
Making sure the you tie off each bag tightly, gently squeezing out any trapped air. This will keep the rollers/trays usable for up to 24 hours afterwards. 

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Have you heard about or even used one of the three Multi Surface Paints we stock?

Zinsser’s “All Coat”, Bradite’s “One Can” or Bedec’s “MSP”.

This month we’re going to give you a little bit more detail about them.

MSPs are all designed to be a two-coat system in one product. So, they’re self-priming and self-undercoating, with the second coat being the top or final coat*.

 *When over painting strong colours or using a dark colour, it is advised that a third coat may be needed to achieve a good depth of colour.

That leads us nicely to the tinting of colours, all three of our MSPs can be coloured.

Zinsser’s “All Coat” is a tintable white, this means we can only tint it to pastel shades.

Bradite’s “One Can” is stocked in bases, allowing us to match to RAL, NCS and BS4800 colour palates.

Bedec’s “MSP” is also available in bases, and we can offer a full colour matching service in any colour with this product.

All three of our MSP’s are water based, so they’ll always stay their colour without any yellowing. Clean up will also be easy when you’ve finished, all you’ll need is some warm soapy water for your brushes/rollers/trays.

Also, another bonus because they’re water based! Their dry and re-coat time is super quick, with Bradite and Zinsser winning with a rapid 1 hour recoat time, Bedec’s 4 hour recoat time.

As their name suggests they can be painted on a very long list of materials/surfaces from old gloss paint, concrete through to ceramic tiles! All with the minimum of prep, basically a light sanding and/or degreasing. All three can be used inside as well as out, as all three are exterior rated.

Zinsser’s “All Coat” product is great on exterior wood like fascia’s and barge boards as it contains a Mould Algae resistant additive.

Bradite’s “One Can” is ideal for any exterior metal work as it has a rust inhibitor in the mix, it also has fantastic stain blocking properties so works well on new soft wood timber where knots are an issue.

Bedec’s “MSP” is fantastic if you’re wanting to match your favourite colours across a range of surfaces.

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